Patten and Patten

Wealth Investment



Each of our clients has unique objectives and constraints. For that reason, our approach is comprehensive, consultative, and dynamic.

Individuals & Families

Individual Retirement Accounts

Taxable Investment Accounts

Trusts & Estates

Patten & Patten has decades of experience managing assets for individuals and families across multiple account types.

Foundations & Endowments

Investment Policy Statements

Board Consultation

Performance Reporting

Our portfolio managers have managed investments for foundations and endowments for more than 30 years.


We conduct a comprehensive review for each client to determine investment objectives and to assess tolerance for risk. Then we implement a strategy designed specifically for that client.

Portfolio Construction

We apply a disciplined approach to asset allocation and security selection. Our portfolios are designed for long-term growth, emphasizing low relative turnover and volatility.

Fees & Compensation

Patten & Patten’s revenues are derived solely from management fees applied to assets under management. Patten & Patten does not receive commissions from financial products or from transactions.

Management fees are usually deducted automatically from client portfolios, on a quarterly basis, in arrears, by applying the Schedule of Fees specified in the Investment Advisory Agreement to the average balance of the account during the previous calendar quarter.

Standard Management Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management

Annual Fee as a Percent of Assets



First $2,000,000




Next $3,000,000


Above $5,000,000