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While our approach to investment management is consistent across different types of accounts, our portfolio managers take into account the various tax regulations governing retirement accounts that may influence our strategy. This often involves coordination with other professionals (CPAs, lawyers, trust administrators). Our portfolio managers welcome the opportunity to interact with our client’s other advisors to ensure the best management of their accounts, trusts, and estates.


Patten & Patten manages all accounts on a separate account basis, utilizing a cost-efficient, third-party custodial firm (e.g., Charles Schwab, Pershing Advisor Solutions) for the custody of client assets and account administration. Separate accounts give our portfolio managers the flexibility to design truly customized portfolios.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Financial security in retirement is generally a core objective for our clients.

Patten & Patten has decades of experience managing retirement accounts (e.g., IRAs, SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs, and individual 401(k)s). Our team also assists clients with administrative items like calculating and processing Required Minimum Distributions (“RMDs”) and facilitating Qualified Charitable Distributions (i.e., direct transfers of funds from IRAs to qualified charities).

Taxable Investment Accounts

We take a holistic approach to investment management that considers the client’s financial situation beyond the accounts that we manage.

Patten & Patten’s customized approach to asset management and use of separate accounts also gives our portfolio managers the flexibility to accommodate and advise on legacy holdings with large unrealized taxable gains.

Trusts & Estates

We’ve managed investments for trusts and estates for more than 30 years.

Patten & Patten has decades of experience managing investments for trusts and estates. Our comprehensive and consultative process involves developing a thorough understanding of the Trust’s objectives, including those of disparate beneficiaries (e.g., principal and income beneficiaries). Further, our portfolio managers have a fiduciary obligation to ensure Trusts meet the standards established in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (“UPIA”). Consequently, we draft appropriate investment policy statements and ensure adequate diversification.


We conduct a comprehensive review for each client to determine investment objectives and to assess tolerance for risk. Then we implement a strategy designed specifically for that client.

Portfolio Construction

We apply a disciplined approach to asset allocation and security selection. Our portfolios are designed for long-term growth, emphasizing low relative turnover and volatility.