Patten and Patten


& Endowments

Board Consultation

As a part of our investment management services, Patten & Patten frequently consults boards of directors on investment matters important to our clients’ organizations.

This ensures that they fully understand our investment process and can better fulfill their role as fiduciaries. The goal of these efforts is to help drive efficient and thoughtful investment decision making so that our clients can focus on carrying out their missions.

Here are a few of the ways we partner with foundations and endowments to implement a sound investment process:

Asset allocation education

Investment selection education

Fiduciary education

Spending policy consultation

Performance Reporting

We compute performance on a time-weighted total return basis.

Time-weighted rate of return is the industry standard and allows for comparability of returns against benchmarks and other investment managers. Patten & Patten also claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS”) and submits to an annual, third-party verification of our performance measurement, processes, and procedures.


We utilize the Advent Software suite to calculate performance. It’s recognized by the investment management profession as one of the industry’s leading packages. The software is designed to accurately track portfolio positions, record transactions, adjust for any changes to the portfolio, and compute performance on a time-weighted total return basis.


Patten & Patten generates detailed quarterly statements, which include performance calculation; account appraisal; purchases & sales; as well as income & expenses; and year-to-date realized gains & losses. Our reports include results at both the portfolio and asset class level and allow for easy comparison against relevant benchmarks. Reports are generally available within ten business days after quarter end.

Investment Policy Statements

We have reviewed and helped many organizations write Investment Policy Statements.

The purpose of a well-defined and effective investment policy statement is to establish the goals and objectives for the funds and to outline relevant management guidelines. Our investment policy statements generally include the parameters for return, risk, liquidity, tax considerations, asset allocation, performance measurement, permitted investments and reporting. During periods of market disruption, investment policy statements can act as a guide, offering an objective course of action. We seek to specifically tailor our investment policy statements to the client’s preferences, attitudes, and special considerations while maintaining compliance with applicable standards.

Patten & Patten manages all accounts on a separate account basis, utilizing a cost-efficient, third-party custodial firm (e.g., Charles Schwab, Pershing Advisor Solutions) for the custody of client assets and account administration. Separate accounts give our portfolio managers the flexibility to design truly customized portfolios.


We conduct a comprehensive review for each client to determine investment objectives and to assess tolerance for risk. Then we implement a strategy designed specifically for that client.

Portfolio Construction

We apply a disciplined approach to asset allocation and security selection. Our portfolios are designed for long-term growth, emphasizing low relative turnover and volatility.